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About Me

Hello to all visitors to my page.

My name is Roberto Bressan and I am an Italian-French photographer and I work between Venice and Paris.

My passion for photography started over 30 years ago when digital technology was not yet in the minds of photographers. Currently my photographic work is done over 50% still with film.

Photography has taught me many things in particular to see the essential with my own eyes.

I love doing all kinds of portraits of people because it is as if I were entering their intimate world, in their body. In particular the world of women.

I find that women are art in themselves; in their movements, shapes and emotions. All of this is fascinating to me.

I like to discover the sensibility, fragility and the emotions that every body transmits to me when I photograph them.

It’s a special world for me. It helps me to reflect and gives me peace.

Thanks for reading

Roberto Bressan