Hi, I’m Roberto Bressan, photographer. I’m Italian and I live near to Venice and I’m 60.
I am passionate for photo since 20 years and the story started with my first trip in Asia in 1988, where stunning landscapes, peoples with different cultures, motivated me to capture them in photo, to keep into memory; later it turns out I am passionate for  photography.

The photography in Greek means “write with light” and in fact that’s what I am doing: use the light, through my camera, I “read & write” people’s emotion: happiness, sadness… Emotions at each unique moment of Life.

I am fascinated by Helmut Newton and Henri Cartier Bresson. Both are extraordinary photographers, they have inspired me for their artistic charm of photography.

I am the president and co-founder of Euro-China Photo Association, and through this association we organize photography courses for all levels (for group or private), photo tours in beautiful locations in Europe, Studio Photo Art, courses of artistic poses for models, cultural exchanges Photo Art between Europe and China.

My Skills: Street, Fashion, Portrait and Nude Art.

With pleasure to share the Moments together….!